Q 1: Did you like Code Combat? Why?

A 1: I did like Code Combat because it taught me how to code well and it felt like I was playing a game.

Q 2: What other coding game have you played?

A 2: I have played before.

Q 3: What was your favorite coding game? Why?

A 3: My favorite coding game was code combat because it felt like I was playing a game while coding.

Q 4: Which was your favorite? (CS1,GD1,WD1) Why?

A 4: My favorite was GS1 because it was a lot easier then all of the other ones.

Q 5: What was your favorite level of code combat?

A 5: My favorite level of code combat was the last one because it was sort of challenging and easy at the same time.


Why I joined S.T.E.M. web design


A) Why did you take this class?

B) What do you like to do for fun?

C) What was the best part about your summer?

A) I took this class because just in case I became an entrepreneur or if I have my own  business then I would be able to make a website and people will look at it and maybe call my business and do whatever my business provides.

B) For fun I like to make crafts or go outside. Sometimes I help my siblings with their homework because I’m older then them.

C) The best part about my summer was probably going to Oahu because I got to stay there for about 1 and a half months. In that time I got to do all kinds of things but I think that the best part was learning how to surf.